Rochem’s objective is to become a world leader in the field of petroleum cargo surveying, implementing the latest and most appropriate technologies in Q&Q control.

We make every effort to lead and keep pace with the industry's most innovative technologies, and we are always struggling to achieve the highest possible records of loss control, hence reducing our clients' exposure to risk. We believe the more we empower our skills and expertise, the more profit our client makes. Your earnings are the measure of our success.
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In 1978, Rochem Petroleum Testing Services was established in Egypt in response to an ever-increasing demand for the quality and quantity control of Petroleum Crude Oil and its derivatives.

The company gradually developed into a leading and outstanding business service centre, and has gained a highly reputable name through the widest range of services rendered to the major international oil and chemical companies, suppliers, traders, pipeline-owners and refineries.

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It is the policy of Rochem to provide exclusive services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, our contracts and industry standards. We strive to surpass our customers’ expectations by careful attention to quality details and by developing our processes through continual improvement.

The quality of our services and their conformance with both the specified and expected requirements of customers is the concern of every person in our organization. To implement this policy, the company operates and maintains a reliable integrated management system in accordance with the latest requirements of ISO 9001; ISO 45001; ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17025  and TIC Council Compliance Code.

Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental, Code of ethics, and Competence objectives are established at different levels within the company, all of which are consistent with this policy.

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Rochem Petroleum Testing Services holds complete insurance policies with internationally approved insurance companies. Policies are issued on Rochem/client’s joint names exceeding 20,000,000 US Dollars to cover liabilities, such as professional indemnity, employers’ liability and public liability.

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Rochem services are available all over the Middle East. We have an unmatched knowledge of the local conditions and regulations, the guaranteed specifications, and applicable laws. Our long history of success began in Egypt where we were capable of building a strong trade name in the oil & gas market.

Now, Rochem covers 75% of all Oil Cargo Transfers in Egypt and is expanding its services rapidly to cover other areas in the Middle East including Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Turkey as well as important locations in Europe.

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Compliance Programme

Rochem’s Compliance Programme ensures that all technical and business conducts are carried out under the following values and principles:

  • Integrity
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection
  • Anti-Bribery
  • Fair Business Conduct
  • Health and Safety
  • Fair Labour

A dedicated compliance committee is established with the responsibility and authority to co-ordinate and implement the compliance programme throughout the organization. The committee ensures implementation of the Code of Integrity within our company and advises top management on all issues related to business ethics. It also approves agreements for procurement or any business opportunities with third parties. Rochem in fact mandates that all signed contracts with other parties must confirm with our compliance programme.

The Compliance Committee consists of four members:

  • President – Taysir Bahig
  • Management Representative – Amr Bahig
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Chief Compliance Officer

The Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for implementing procedures governing the ethical behavior of our employees and consultants, and for conducting investigations on suspected staff misconduct. He also sets the standards of integrity that we expect from our business partners.

We are committed to an open culture where issues of integrity and professional ethics can be raised and discussed freely. Rochem provides a secured channel of communication for staff and third parties in the form of a designated “help desk” email address, and encourages the reporting of violations on a confidential basis and free from reprisal except in malicious cases.

Rochem also implements an integrity training program for its employees to ensure that the highest standards of integrity are applied to all our business activities in accordance with international best practice following : the TIC Council compliance code and the business principles for countering bribery as published by Transparency International and Social Accountability International.

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