Independent Custody Transfer Inspection

The purchase, sale and handling of petroleum products require accurate measurements. The likelihood of a dispute arising between the buyers and sellers is greatly reduced when the measurement standards are recognized by the international organizations (API, ASTM and IP) and are performed by an independent inspector.

Quality & Quantity Control

The general rise in world prices brought to our attention the need for reducing all handling losses to the minimum. Rochem Inspectors provides exceptionally trained staff to inspect the physical movement of oil cargoes between shore tanks, tankers and pipelines, thus reducing the risk involved with product loss or contamination.

Metering Systems

Rochem provides independent metering, instrumentation calibration and testing services. We have a team of highly experienced flow metering consultants to give you an independent and comprehensive service without any connection to vendors or integrators.

Laboratory Services

Rochem Petroleum Testing Services is the first ISO approved independent testing facility in Egypt and the Suez Canal.The demand for additional tests to fulfill the contractual specification of each trader/market has become overwhelming and therefore has necessitated the presence of large certified laboratories.


When measuring tanks before and after oil cargo transfers, accurate tank calibration must be present to determine the exact volumes of oil delivered, preventing any dispute arising between buyers and sellers. It is recommended by international standards that recalibration is performed every 10 years or after maintenance.


Quality analysis of the petroleum cargoes are performed on samples obtained from shore tanks. In order for buyers to pay the precise value for the oil purchased, true representative samples of the oil cargo must be obtained for accurate price determination.

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