Rochem provides independent metering, instrumentation calibration and testing services.

Metering Systems

We have a team of highly experienced flow metering consultants to give you an independent and comprehensive service without any connection to vendors or integrators.

Our scope of services include the following:

  • Verification and certification of meters and meter provers used for pipeline and terminal custody transfer measurement.
  • Meter calibration and flow testing services for a wide range of liquid and gaseous meter types
  • Fixed master of mobile volumetric prover systems
  • Calibration of single and multiphase meters
  • Calibration of secondary and tertiary measurement instrumentation

Rochem has extensive international experience in metering projects by offering turnkey solutions. Through their in-depth knowledge of commissioning and project management issues, our metering engineering team provides you with complete control of planning to hand-over, technical, procurement, FAT and site acceptance. Our solutions are presented on time, are priced competitively and are fully documented to meet the regulatory requirements of our clients.

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