IFIA Membership

Rochem Inspectors has been approved as a full member in the International Federation of Inspection Agencies(IFIA).

IFIA is an international trade association for inspection agencies and other organisations that provide inspection, testing and certification services internationally.

Full IFIA members are required to implement the IFIA Compliance Code and meet the below requirements.

  • Has processes and controls in place to ensure its personnel are free from conflicts of interest and act impartially
  • Is subject to corporate governance and management by fit and proper persons
  • Has been in the business for a minimum of three years
  • Holds professional liability insurance
  • Has adequate financial resources
  • Has in place an appropriately certified quality management system
  • Has in place a health and safety management programme
  • Maintains an adequate number of trained permanent personnel to carry out its services
  • Implements all IFIA specific requirements or codes of practice applicable to the sectors in which it works
  • Implements the requirements of IFIA’s Compliance Code across its whole organisation
  • Subjects its approved Compliance Programme to annual external audit
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