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Since 2012, Rochem has been offering ship to ship (STS) transfer services in the Mediterranean and Red sea. STS is the safe transfer of Liquid Hydrocarbons from one tanker to another tanker by means of an approved marine cargo hose, fenders, equipment and mooring masters. Such operations are conducted globally on a day to day basis.


Why STS operations are needed and the added advantages for such services?

1. Selling products in ports with draft restrictions.
The traditional term “Lightering” is usually referred for such operations, where large ships unload part of their cargo to smaller vessels to meet draft restrictions at the discharge terminals. STS operations offers traders the option to sell their products in ports with restricted draft.

2. Profit from commodity markets volatility
With the change in global structures of trading, the term Ship to Ship (STS) has become more widely used as the service has become essential in the trading of commodities. Traders use STS to enhance their profit margins whether markets be “Backwardated or Contango” as they have the opportunity to either store cargo via floating storage, buy and/or sell small parcels.

3. Blending of cargoes to meet market specs.
Ship to Ship transfer services offer clients the option of blending different cargoes onboard ships to meet market specifications, which consequently offers commodity traders the flexibility to market their products in diverse areas around the world.



All of our equipment are regularly tested and maintained in accordance to the OCIMF guidelines and ISO 17357 directives.

Yokohama is the world approved manufacturer of fenders and hoses in the shipping industry. All our equipment are purchased from Yokohama’s factory in Japan.

Fenders and hoses rental, supply, maintenance, and repair
Rochem can deliver and install fenders with all specification to ships & ports in the region. Fender rental is highly cost effective for temporary applications. Maintenance and repair of fenders is among the services we offer. Fenders and hoses are inspected,tested regularly and certified available for use in all application.


Mooring Masters

The role of the Mooring Masters is fundamental in ensuring a safe and smooth ship to ship operation. The Mooring Master is a highly trained professional that has the skill sets to manoeuvre the tankers together, oversee hose connections, cargo transfers, hose disconnections and un-berthing whether this be offshore, underway or at anchor with tugs.

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