Rochem Inspectors laboratory is always a step ahead of global industry requirements.

Rochem Inspectors laboratory is always a step ahead of global industry requirements. We celebrated the start of 2022, with the installation of the GC-MS (PAC – Petroleum Analyzer Company); making us the only third party independent lab in Egypt and Africa to offer traders testing opportunity and assurance in meeting section 5 of the ISO 8217 fuel oil bunker specs.

ASTM D7845 successfully identifies adulterants/chemicals which can harm ship engines and violate emission regulations. By enabling oil traders to test all the necessary specifications and identify all blending components, we give them assurance and advantage to better market their oil products.

Counterfeit Certificates / Reports

The certificates issued by Rochem Inspectors are valuable documents that protect the interest of our clients by offering assurance to the quantity and quality of the Independent Custody Transfer. Unfortunately, the misuse of quality logos or signatures is common in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) industry. Occasionally, inspection certificates and reports can display company signatures or logos that have never undergone adequate test or inspection procedures.

To combat increasing misuse of company logos and counterfeit certificates and reports, we have created this platform to encourage clients or traders in the petroleum sector to report and upload any certificates/reports that they would like to validate from us – to ensure the inspection was actually performed by Rochem Inspectors.

We will also be publishing any counterfeit certificates that we come across on this website to protect all interested parties.

Together with the help of the TIC Council, we are doing our best to combat counterfeit certificates. If you have any further inquiries related to this subject matter, please do not hesitate to contact our compliance team at





Validate your Certificate/Report

ISO 17025 Accreditation for Laboratory Testing

ISO 17025 Accreditation for Laboratory Testing

Rochem Petroleum Testing Services is pleased to officially announce that its independent laboratory based in Suez has been accredited against ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to further support the country’s Petroleum industry. It is the only accredited independent petroleum laboratory in Egypt.

This conformity and performance testing laboratory is designed to assist both the local and international clients requirements. In addition to its advanced equipment and wide range of services, this internationally recognized accreditation will enable Rochem in Egypt to guarantee the quality and integrity of its services and to strengthen customer confidence.

In any certification and accreditation process, earning the certificate is just a starting point. Rochem is committed to comply with the standards and will exert the necessary efforts maintain this accreditation, and gradually expand the scope.

IFIA Membership

Rochem Inspectors has been approved as a full member in the International Federation of Inspection Agencies(IFIA).

IFIA is an international trade association for inspection agencies and other organisations that provide inspection, testing and certification services internationally.

Full IFIA members are required to implement the IFIA Compliance Code and meet the below requirements.

  • Has processes and controls in place to ensure its personnel are free from conflicts of interest and act impartially
  • Is subject to corporate governance and management by fit and proper persons
  • Has been in the business for a minimum of three years
  • Holds professional liability insurance
  • Has adequate financial resources
  • Has in place an appropriately certified quality management system
  • Has in place a health and safety management programme
  • Maintains an adequate number of trained permanent personnel to carry out its services
  • Implements all IFIA specific requirements or codes of practice applicable to the sectors in which it works
  • Implements the requirements of IFIA’s Compliance Code across its whole organisation
  • Subjects its approved Compliance Programme to annual external audit

Expansion Project

Rochem is presently undergoing a major expansion plan to upgrade and enhance its laboratory, warehouse and storage facilities. We have recently purchased land space of 2500 square meters in Suez, free zone area, Egypt to increase our stock list of additives and to accomodate the most innovative models of testing instruments in our independent laboratories.

The new laboratory extension will increase our testing capabilities to handle over 10’000 reports per annum, and has dedicated sections for chromatography, ICP, analytical and petroleum instruments.

The project is scheduled for completion in November 2017.

Goal Zero

In line with the latest Health and Safety industry standards, Rochem has adopted the GOAL ZERO approach achieving no harm and no leaks across all of our operations.

This goal is shared among all working for Rochem and we expect the same standards with all suppliers and third parties working with us. In addition, Rochem has a role in process safety making sure that our facilities are well designed, safely operated and properly maintained to prevent leaks of hazardous materials or safety hazards for our employers or visitors.